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  • About YRD Capital
    YRD Capital is the first FoF in the world to focus on quantitative trading in digital assets. We have been successful in generating substantial returns for our investors since 2017. In a fast developing asset class, investors find value in our fund as a result of our target funds pipeline, thorough due diligence process, negotiating for best terms and fees and the ongoing monitoring of our portfolio funds. Our “secret sauce” is time on the road. We saw more quantitative funds and met more managers in digital assets than anyone else. This is what we’ve been doing since 2017. We have built a firm track record risking our own capital and remain major investors in the fund. We behave like a prop shop and manage the risk in a conservative way.
  • The investment opportunity: deploying quantitive strategies for digital assets trading
    The emerging asset class of digital assets created a new opportunity for quantitative investments. As a new asset class, digital assets behave as a volatile commodity. The market is still retail driven, trading on multiple exchanges, with a non-stop, 24/7 trading. In such trading environment quantitative strategies outperform retail traders. Systematic trading in digital assets use similar tools and algorithms as in capital markets. Due to high volatility and significant trading volumes, performance over the last few years has been outstanding. Quant traders in the space are not amateurs, but highly trained and experienced specialists. Some come from the world’s leading banks and prop shops - many are educated to PhD level and have graduated from top universities.
  • The advantages of investment in a diversified Fund of Funds
    Fund of Funds (FoF) is an investment strategy that allows diversification through investment in a basket of funds. This diversified approach makes a lot of sense when entering a new and very volatile asset class, as it reduces the risk significantly.
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